Hair by Janet

Humble beginning <3

Hello again! hope you had a lovely day,mine was great ! Always a pleasure to meet my clients, and the new  ones walking into the shop, it makes my day because they are the reason why I am here<3 The mails keep me on my toes too always a pleasure to hear from you.

Well… I promised to walk you down my journey with hair,I must say it was a mixture of all kind of feelings.Growing up in a hot land with so many cultures an so many rules, almost felt like there was a rule for every single thing. I started getting my hair braided at a very early age, still remember the sound af the wooden comb brushing through my afro hair! Then having to go through all the braiding sessions! It felt like toture,but the feeling  we all got later when hair was done and oiled then the relief of thinking “No wooden comb for the next two to three weeks!!” INDESCRIBALE!

Starting school with newly braided hair was a great feeling like I said before it felt like ther was arule for everything,, everyone had  the same school uniform, no rasta braids only corn rows all going down and if  anyone had not braided they were not allowed to relax the hair just blowdy and comb it back,commonly known as “push back”         That never seemed to bother any of us,as long as we kept the rules we were good to go!

Then followed te urge to begin braiding each other and fixing each others hair… but that is a story for another day 🙂 Our motto was “Forward ever backwards never” ……. and I promise you it kept us going<3 I wish you all a lovely evening and a lovely day tomorrow <3 will keep you more updated, take care of yourselves and give some love to your crown of beauty 😉