Hair by Janet


 Helloo every one!!  I truely hope that you all had a fantastic day! mine was great! the sun was shinning and as assual, Always a pleasure to have my clients coming in for haircuts and more,your phone calls and also mails! Please keep them comming <3 

Just before I closed the shop I sat on my computer desk and looked through the window, there is a bus stop and people going through there day to day life,a mother stood rocking a prum back and forth to keep her baby calm,groups of people chatting quietly,happilly maybe going through the events of the day some checking there watches restlesly wondering when the bus is coming while others just gazed into space maybe absorbing the day and making plans for tomorrow. and a smile came to my face as I took the steps to attend to my last clients for the day…BUT… First things first…we take a walk down my  journey through the hair mystery!

Back to a very warm land, they call it the city in the sun, there is a girl born in a family of two boys and four girls, in her school commonly known as “the late comer :/ ” her hair is done,cornrows going back and oiled (push back) so curious about everything but most of all the hunger to learn how to do this cornrows so maybe she can do for her friends in school or at home, but she is not the only one longing to learn,her friends too wish to do the same… So every break time we sit on the play ground and make the longest cornrows ever on the grass and the ideas that come through our heads …Its a story for another day!

Goodnight my friends,tomorrow is another day:) i wish you all a lovely day <3